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Natural Spring Water

It is there for your sake… Naturalness, Taste and Health Always with you with Sırma Water

Sırma Exclusive

For exclusive moments… Sırma Exclusive series continues to change your life with its specially designed bottles

Doğadan lezzet ve sağlık
Sırma Su

Filling Facilities

23.000 metrekare üzerine kurulu, 11.000 metrekare kapalı alana sahip modern makine parkıyla donatılmış tesislerde, 5 ayrı dolum hattında 70.000 şişe/saat kapasite ile el değmeden üretim yapılıyor. Kartepe tesislerinde işlenen Sırma ürünleri, 10 ayrı şişe çeşidi ve 24 farklı ambalajla tüketicilerin beğenisine sunuluyor.

Filling Facilities

In the facilities, which are built on a 15,000 square meter and equipped with a modern machine park with an indoor area of ​​8,000 square meters, production is carried out in 3 separate filling lines with a capacity of 40,000 bottles / hour. Sırma products processed in Sapanca facilities are offered to consumers with 7 different bottle types and 12 different packaging

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